Recipe for a Great Workout

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Do you have a specific routine in order to have a successful workout?

When I am ready to work out I don't want anything hindering my motivation. One of my biggest frustrations is my pony tail falling out and my shoe laces coming un-tied. It sounds picky but when I am in a good pace and something distracts me, it's almost game over for the day. 

I personally use a few different items and apps to help my work out be the best it can be.  

I love My Fitness Pal- I track my food and water intake along with any exercise I did during the day. There is also room for any additional notes I feel necessary to add. I’ve been using it for over a year now and have had great success with it. 

When I am running, I use my Nike+ SportWatch GPS. I wear this for every run indoors or outdoors. When I am outside, it uses the GPS feature and also has a shoe pod that you can use while inside on the treadmill. I have no complaints with this equipment. It is great at keeping track of my miles. It also connects to a heart rate monitor that I wear on occasion. I usually forget to put this on before I head out but it is an interesting feature to keep track of. Everything can then be downloaded onto your computer and all your information is right in front of you. It also compares you to people your age, what time of day you run and how many miles/kms are on each pair of shoes you have.  

A good pair of running shoes are extremely important to me and I am severely picky. Just ask my boyfriend when I decided it was time to buy a new pair. So far, I own two pairs of Nike Free runners and I love them! I am on my second pair now. They are very flexible and really light which helps my feet stay cool during longer distances. My first Nike Free 5.0 have just over 600 km on them! These have been retired from the running scene but I want to hold onto them for a keep sake. My new Nike Free 5.0’s are just getting worn in and there are lots of miles left on them.  

I moved away from the Nike brand just last week and purchased a pair of Reebok shoes. I want to see how a different shape feels. I look forward to trying these out. The research I have done shows you should have more than one pair on the go and rotate through them. I have learned it is all about comfort and how they feel on your feet. 

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable during a run or workout. It causes unnecessary distractions so I try to be as comfortable as possible. My work out attire consists of yoga pants/shorts and a loose t shirt. As mentioned before, my hair has to be pulled back and sometimes I wear a headband. 

My cell phone is always with me in case of emergency and so I can listen to music with ear buds. I usually only have one ear bud in (so I don't get hit by a car and can hear other pedestrians). 

Why did I just write an entire blog about what I do to have a "good workout"? Because I feel it is interesting how a specific ritual can make or break something. Living a healthy lifestyle is important and even just the smallest things can cause you to feel great about yourself. Feeling confident and comfortable are important to ensure you have a successful sweat session.   

Janelle Catherwood
Sports Risk Advisor