Kid's Soccer

Monday, April 22, 2019

Soccer season runs from late April and runs until June. If you’ve never enrolled your kid in soccer, maybe this is the season to start. Taking part of sports is important for children.

This post from the Novak Djokovic Foundation outlines some of the main benefits of children engaging in sports:

Kids’ character and moral principles are formed through fair play. Moreover, children who are actively engaged in sports can be good role models for their peers from school, neighborhood, or even school choir, and inspire them to start playing some sports as well.

Playing sports enables them to create friendships they otherwise might not have formed. For example, the friendships professional athletes create on the field remain intact even when they are not playing sports, and often last a lifetime.

Sports bring people together from all over the world, regardless of their nationality, religion, culture, or skin color.

Teamwork and benefits of social interaction among children are best seen in sports. Kids learn they are part of a team that requires the same effort from all members to succeed, as well as how to win with class, and lose with dignity.

They view competitions on and off the field as opportunities to learn from their success and failure. In addition, losing often motivates kids to work even harder for next time.

They learn to respect authority, rules, team colleagues and opponents.

Sport is an important learning environment for children. Numerous studies have shown that children who play sports perform better at school. It is also within sport that peer status and peer acceptance is established and developed.

Sports experiences help building positive self-esteem in children.

In addition, participating in sports can be a helpful way of reducing stress and increasing feelings of physical and mental well-being, as well as fighting against juvenile delinquency, conflict and aggressive outbursts. The point is to keep the body in good health in order to be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


Spring Jogging

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Now that -30 C is a distant memory, it’s time to start enjoying more outdoor activities again! One of the more common sights out on the sidewalk now is joggers. It’s so easy to go stir-crazy during the winter months, so getting out for a run can be very refreshing.

Although jogging looks like a simple activity, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • 1.Do a warm up and stretch before going out. It warms up the muscles before you exercise, which will help prevent injury.
  • 2.Dress for the weather. Spring can have unpredictable weather and can still be chilly. Layer up!
  • 3.Stay hydrated. This means getting the right amount of water before, during and after exercise.
  • 4.Wear the right shoes! Wearing proper running shoes can reduce the stress placed on the heel, ankles, and knees while jogging or running.
  • 5.Know your limits. We tend to become less active over the winter, so be mindful of your limitations to avoid a preventable injury.

Now get out there and have a good run!