Wednesday, March 11, 2015
As we transition from Winter to Spring/Summer I begin to think about all the activities I look forward to.

There are many different ‘events’ that we plan and attend all year long. Think community activities, bqq’s, weddings and receptions, outdoor social gatherings, festivals, one day sporting events (street hockey tournament etc.).

I know for a fact that at many of those events don’t have insurance. Why? People simply don’t think about it. Its not a tangible object like your house or car. The most important thing to understand about the risks associated with holding events like these, if you haven’t purchased insurance for your event and something happens where you are found negligent, you will personally be held legally liable. This includes any damage caused to the rented facility or public space and any bodily injury to participants or spectators at your event.

If you have any further questions regarding Event Insurance, please visit our Events page at www.csib.ca.

Jenn Bishop, Sports Risk Advisor